ESDM 1.0.2

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The following documentation is available:


  • hardening: enable -fzero-call-used-regs=used-gpr

  • editorial: rename logging* symbols to esdm_logging* - this is purely internal, but considering some of these symbols are externally visible, libesdm_rpc_client pollutes the namespace of consumers

  • enhancement: significant performance increase of RPC communication

  • fix: Poll writer woke up as status variable was not properly initialized

  • fix: proper shut down sequence of ESDM daemons

Standards Compliance

  • SP800-90A/B/C compliant

  • AIS20/31 2011 compliant

  • AIS20/31 draft 2022 compliant

  • FIPS IG 7.19 / D.K compliant - use of DRBG as conditioning component for chaining DRBGs